Product & Service


               The Company sells and provides services of cutting steel which the most efficient machine along with modern technology that can transform any sheet and/or roll steel from 0.25 to 12 millimeters thick by 2000 millimeters wide at any length required by customers. There are 2 types of product as:
                     Cutting Sheet which can be tailored made at any length, width and thickness to suit the customers's requirements.
                     Slitting Coil which can be tailored made from mother coil specified by customers at any length, width and thickness to suit the customersโ€™ requirements in order that they will be in the fabrication process later.
               The production of Cutting Sheet and Slitting Coil will be in the downstream industries as: Automotive Industry, Electrical Appliances & Electronics Industry, Furniture Industry and other related industries using steel as raw materials in production processes.


               The company imported coated metal steel for production and installation services in construction industries e.g. coated corrugated sheet which is part of steel product used for internal and external construction. The company imports various kinds of coated corrugated sheets to be pressed, using modern technology into different shapes and sizes such as roofing, roof frame, siding, ceiling, rouver, roof fan and deck plate etc. These products are durable, aesthetic, light and speedy in installation. The construction materials made from coated metal steel and coated corrugated sheets comprised:

Aluminized Coating,       Galvanized Coloured,
Aluzinc Coloured,          Aluzinc and Galvanized.



               For any particular tailored-made steel required by the customer, the company has the blanking and forming line completed with the press and bender machine to make any specific ready-made or semi-made in different form of shapes and sizes by pumping metal parts in an instant pieces or semi-instant pieces such as automobile part, electronic part and roll-metal package.