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Metal Construction Product



       The company imported coated metal steel for production and installation services in construction industries e.g. coated corrugated sheet which is part of steel product used for internal and external construction. The company imports various kinds of coated corrugated sheets to be pressed, using modern technology into different shapes and sizes such as roofing, roof frame, siding, ceiling, rouver, roof fan and deck plate etc. These products are durable, aesthetic, light and speedy in installation. The construction materials made from coated metal steel and coated corrugated sheets comprised:
Aluminized Coating, Galvanized Coloured, Aluzinc Coloured, Aluzinc and Galvanized.




       Thin steel plate that has been coated or commonly called "steel coil" to be molded

       Coated steel sheet is durable, lightweight, easy to install, continuous long sheets, beautiful colors, with thickness to choose from as appropriate for the job. The corrugated roof forms a great variety to create a texture for the roof and the wall to meet the architectural design very well.

Method of Forming

Forming is divided into 2 ways 


    1. ROLLING Method
The resulting product will have different wavy styles and can be used on various parts of the building, including roofs, walls, floors.


   2. FOLDING Method
The resulting product has a wide range of shapes and cross-sections which is mainly used as a cover or flashing for the roof, wall and floor. The purpose is to prevent rainwater. Used as various edges and for a neat and beautiful finish.

Method of Installation

Siam Steel Service Center Public Company Limited has long experience in the design and installation of metal sheet work. The company has a design department dedicated to providing metal sheet design services including giving advice about installation details at all points of the building.                                            

Part Name of the Metal sheet work

Coated steel used for roofing, walls, flooring has the ability to be easily molded by means of rolling and folding, making the product diverse. Therefore, specifying the names of various parts will make it easier to use for design and installation work.

Sample Works

Results from a long experience in metal sheet, the company has a group of customers who choose our products and services whether the factory building, public building, office building Including small buildings

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